Most frequent questions and answers

Countries that are requiring Visa prior to your visit usually have the same criteria. The requirements will depend on the purpose of your visit. According to our survey, the rejection rate is at 10.10%. This percentage is low if we compare it to the number of people who visits the Hague every year.

We can say that the nightlife here is fantastic. It is complete with clubs and local bars. There is a place for everyone’s taste. Nightlife in the Hague is like the Amsterdam Heineken experience. The street glows at night filled with party people and a nice crowd.

Hague is an excellent transportation system. Everywhere you go, you will see guides. It’s hard to get lost in such an organized city. If commuting is not for you, get rental cars coupon code & discounts. Renting a car is relatively cheaper if you are planning to tour around the city.

Yes. We do meetups every week. Most of our members do have shifts during weekdays, so our meetups will be held on weekends. Reach out to us so we can align our schedules.

Peace Palace is a must-visit yet the entrance is free. Please be advised that the Peace Palace is closed during Mondays. Make sure to plan your visit well. It’s also a huge building, don’t forget to wear comfortable shoes.

Hague is a huge city to bike. But if you are ready to discover this amazing place by biking, go to Amsterdam bike rental. All you need is a valid ID. Biking is a good way to check out the tourist spots you can’t reach by car.