About Us

Featuring The Hague’s Beauty

We live in the Hague. When we moved in here, we knew that our life will be a bit strange but beautiful. It’s a unique city offering a modern lifestyle with a touch of rich history. We take pride in the wonderful tourist destinations this city has to offer. This city is generous to visitors. There are some free activities you can do here. When it comes to special discounts, you’ll be surprised how much you can get here.

Find Friends in Hague

Haags Pop Podium gathers residents and tourists for meetups. We believe that there is beauty in the diversity of cultures. The Hague has a huge population. If you think about it, it may sound chaotic. But it doesn’t have to be chaotic. Here at Haags Pop Podium, we love diversity. We believe that peace can be obtained through respecting one another s’ belief and culture. It starts with understanding one another and by building friendships. No city is too big when people get together.

Haags Pop Podium members love meetups. We even shop and do item hunting together. We exchange coupon codes on products and do fun things together. It makes our living experience in this beautiful city enjoyable and worthwhile.