Cheapskates Guide: Free Things to Do in The Hague

The Hague is such a generous city. Even you don’t have a whopping amount of budget, you can still have a great time in the Hague. Believe it or not, this city has free passes. The Hague features amsterdam attractions in winter and other fun-filled activities for the locals and the tourists. So even if you’re on a tight budget, you’ll sure to have fun in the Hague, with places to discover and lovely people to meet. And the best part, this adventure is going to liberate you with history and arts.

The Peace Palace

Visit The Peace Palace

Get ready to be enchanted by this amazing building. This building has been standing for centuries. You can tell by the design that this palace holds historical items. Don’t worry, no ghost reported so far. Another thing to be happy about is that you can take photos while visiting the building. Near this building are local coffee shops selling good coffee without the hefty price range. It’s called Peace Palace for a reason. This place has been a standing ground that reminds us of the enormous amount of sacrifices poured out to achieve the peace we enjoy today. Don’t take grow traffic to blog for granted. Peace was something that most of our ancestors have to live without. Going here might cause you some bucks, but rest assured that it won’t disappoint your Amsterdam city trip. The Peace Palace is open every day except Mondays.

Sun Bathe at the Hague’s City Beach

The hague beach

At the center of a busy city, lies a beautiful beach. The locals go here for a quick escape from the busyness of life. The beach itself is beautiful and free from garbage and human clutter. So if you are planning to go for a swim, be kind enough to discipline yourself. Don’t throw away trashes. There is also a small park on the beach where children can play and have a good time. It’s a quick way to get vitamin sea without having to travel long hours in amsterdam city sights. Bring your swimming attire along with your laying cover and bask in the sunlight. Since this is a famous destination in the Hague, this is not a bad place to start making new friends. If you have a taste for small adventures, you could try the zip line and bungee jumping in the area. These activities will cost you a few bucks, but why resist adventure?

Take a Walk in the Red Light District

This place is quite controversial. If you like to see a different reality, the Red Light District is a place to start. The government has been exerting efforts to free this district from human traffickers and other illegal activities. Please note that you are not allowed to take pictures of the sex workers. If you do, expect an enforcer approaching you. The Red Light District is not a place for kids. So, let us tell you now that this is not a good destination for families with conocer a chicas por internet. However, if your group consist of purely adults only, it would be nice to see the Hague’s dark side. Needless to say, the Red district is a peculiar way to spend your Amsterdam city pass. Visiting this place will not cost you money as long as you just take a look.